What Should You Look For In A Good Mastering Engineer?

If you’re in the music biz, then you need good mastering before you launch your records. But, what should you look for in a good mastering engineer?

Music And The Brain

Recent research on music and the brain shows that you can increase your brainpower with music. That is, if you listen to the right type.

Music And Depression

What is music? All sounds are comprised of sound waves. What distinguishes music from other sound waves is the manner in which the sound waves vibrate and decrease from loud to soft.

Making Your Own Music: Songwriting Basics

Songwriting is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings and to communicate them to your friends and family, even if you have no aspirations of musical fame or fortune.

Psychedelic Trance Music

Electronic music became popular as a result of advances in technology (particularly the development of Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI), and has since blossomed into a bewildering variety of genres including house, techno, trance, breakbeat, hardcore, and ambient.

Listening – A Question Of Studio Monitoring

Monitoring in a music studio is, quite simply, the most important part of the studio set up.

How Does A Music Synthesizer Work?

A music synthesizer makes sounds by using an electrical circuit as an oscillator to create and vary the frequency of sounds in order to produce different pitches.

How Boost Your Chances of Getting Signed With Music Mastering!

Discover why music mastering is so important to creating the right impression so you get signed to an established label!

Fatboy Slim

Article on the life, production work and DJing career of legend that is Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim).

7 Tips for Effective Musical Practice

The quality of your practice is much more important than the quantity. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is only true if the practice itself is perfect. Here are 7 tips to help make your practice more effective and efficient.