Top Singles Banned By the BBC

Here you can read about some the top singles that were banned by Auntie Beeb.

Building a Simple Recording Studio for Beginners

This article contains introductory information on what the basic components of a recording studio are. It outlines the use of the multi-track recorder, the microphone, the studio monitor, the console and finally the mixing console.

All About Sheet Music

Sheet music is an important tool for established musicians and those who want to learn. If you do not know how to read sheet music, don’t worry.

A guitarist guide to surviving the gig from Hell!

Joe is a lead guitarist in a covers / remake band. He is a good guitarist and cool under pressure.

5 Reasons to Learn Music Theory

Five good reasons why music theory is a must if you expect to perfect your musical talent.

3 Steps to Playing Comfortably for a Crowd

Use these steps to make yourself at ease while playing in front of others.

Succeed In the Music Biz By Planning Your Success.

Getting a record deal can be easy to do with proper planning. There are many experienced professionals in the music biz who will tell you that the music biz is all business. I agree. With any business, proper planning is the key to success in the music biz. This article describes some simple steps to plan your success.

Music For The Restless Mind

This article is about music therapy and how it can be used as treatment for people with anxiety. Music’s history is indeterminable but it was believed that it was primary used by primitive people as a means to contact the spirit world and induce a feeling of wellness to people.

Music 101: The Key To Pronunciation And Accent Reduction

“Without music life would be a mistake”. These are the words of the famous German Philosopher Frederik Nietzsche, and as a specialist in pronunciation and Accent Reduction for non-native English speakers.

Music Piracy and the New Musician

This article discusses music piracy and the hazards that it represent to all musicians. It discuses the nature of this piracy and its estimated costs and outlines the importance of protecting ones intellectual property.