7 Ways To Increase Your Internet Traffic Starting Yesterday

Internet. New fans. New opportunities. To fully integrate all of these words into a successful merging you will need another word. Traffic.

Networking To Find Music Education Jobs

For those most passionate about their music, a job in music education is a natural fit.

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Time Management Mastery

Discover 3 Quick and Easy Steps to Time Management Mastery.

Pet Shop Boys Biography And Top 10 Songs

I used to chill with a group of dudes at my friend chicken’s house and he had the Pet Shop Boys Discography album and used to play it and the more times I heard it the better it became.

So You Wanna Make Music and Change The World?

If you want to make music that changes the world, don’t just be the latest kid on the block, the latest rapper in the hood, the latest rocker in the backstreet clubs.

Starting a Mobile Disco

The pros (and woes) of starting a Mobile Disco

Succeed In the Music Business with Crazy Keywords

A key element in your bands web marketing strategy should be the selection of your bands name. Why? Because your bands name will also become your bands keyword on the Internet.

The New Formula for Success in the Music Business

The old method of promoting a new act in the music business was for a record company to invest at least $500,000 in studio time with a good producer, the cost of a good video, the advertising budget, and the cost of the first promotional road tour.

You Can’t Have Good Music Without Percussion

Percussion instruments are very old and have quite a history. Often used in folk music, these instruments add variety and a rural charm to music.

The Evolution Of The Electric Guitar

The first electric guitars were made in the 1930’s in response to a demand from guitarists in bands whose rhythmic stylings could not be heard above the other instruments.